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The only technology that is making marketing more effective, more efficient, and accountable


    For 20 years, Integration's MCA technology
  has been steering more and more executives * Since 1994, more than 35000 brands have been audited in 40 languages. *
worldwide towards better marketing

How does it work ?

Let’s stop guessing. Let’s stop waste. Let’s stop missing opportunities

Let’s step up to better marketing

What is better marketing?

  • 1

Grows market share & brand equity

  • Mass Media
  • Indirect
  • Digital
  • Sponsorship
  • Point of Purchase
  • Direct Contacts

Puts your resources where they work

To be transparent to all

Let's step up to more effective, more efficient and accountable marketing

The MCA/System is ready, make it yours

  • Usable learning within weeks
  • Cost-efficient
  • Scalable
  • Secure

We've done the work... so you get the results

Get validated metrics linked to your business indicators

Use a process that complies with best practices in system management

Calibrate and deploy the MCA/System at a fraction of a dollar per $1,000 you invest in marcoms

More on the MCA System

Just one more thing

MCA/System is the answer to accountability in marketing
let's talk !

I plan* "Plans are only good intentions, unless they immediately degenerate into hard work" * to implement accountability in marketing,
contact me !

I am interested to find out what is necessary to make marketing accountable.

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A Condensed Guide to Marketing Accountability

3 keys to accountability in marketing

MCA System

The MCA/System is the only tool that reveals the actual impact of every marketing initiative all the time and around the world.

The key to this level of accountability is system thinking, aligning the input marketing dollars with the output in a way that everyone in the company can understand.

So we can take smarter decisions based on actual initiatives and their business results.

Robust, compliant and easy to use, the MCA/System provides the earliest indication of marketing outcomes and their conversion to market shares.

Get an ongoing overview of the effectiveness and efficiency of the two key phases of the marketing/sales process:

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